AIESEC: Saying Goodbye and a New Beginning

Dear Reader,

Today, I decided I owed it to myself to focus on me.

What a selfish sentence that may seem to some of you who may stumble across this blog and read that first line, but it’s true.

I am deciding to use the knowledge and skills I have aquired to draw my own path to a new place I feel I am able to reach. A scary place way out my comfort zone – that’s exactly why I must go there.

Now, let me tell you why.

I am an AIESECer. But what does that mean?

I am passionate about living diversity, striving for excellence, acting sustainably, demonstrating integrity, enjoying participation and being a leader whilst enabling others to be leaders too.

These are our core values. The 6 commandments of the AIESEC bible.

How do I, along with thousands of other AIESECers all over the world do this? Through the power of global exchange programmes that enable students to volunteer or intern abroad for set periods of time.

Our vision: peace and fulfilment of humankind’s potential.

AIESEC is the biggest youth-led NGO, present in universities in over 120 countries. It gives the youth the tools and skill set to play their part in shaping their future by providing self-driven, practical global experiences.

And let me tell you, this is what AIESEC truly does.

It provided me with the confidence, the skills and the mindset to become a leader.

However, today I made the decision to say goodbye to the organisation that has given me so much, and shaped me into the person I am today, the person I need to be for my future.

Whilst my Values align with those of AIESEC’s, I feel that I don’t have the same passion i once had when I first started in this organisation. I no longer want to travel in the same direction.

I feel that I need to take a step back, focus on my degree and give at least one thing in my life one hundred percent. I need to be my own leader.

Using the mountain of knowledge AIESEC has given me, I want to take charge of the pen and dip into a new colour of ink to draw out the next stage of this path I am on.

It does not mean I do not love AIESEC anymore, it means I am ready for a change, a challenge and something new that I wouldn’t be thinking about if I hadn’t been introduced to AIESEC by my brother, for he too was an AIESECer during his university career.

I am ready to feel scared, to move toward the fear and expand my comfort zone. I am ready to meet new people and experience new things to become who I feel I need to be,because it’s who I want to be. I feel passionate about this change and this future I am ready to take hold of. I am ready to become great and I am ready for the greatness that lies ahead of me, for I believe in myself and believe I can get there. I look forward to the journey ahead of me. Taking this step into the unknown is exhilarating and exciting.

This is not a sudden decision I am making but rather an ending that was inevitable and something I have had on my mind for many months.

AIESEC has given me friends from all over the world who I plan to keep in touch with throughout my life. AIESEC is not made to last forever. It is made to challenge you and push you, but sometimes that can get to comfortable and I feel that I need to immerse myself in a new environment to become a better, more able person.

I look forward to the future that I hope is long and successful by the will of God and I am feeling both melancholy and somewhat relieved that I have had the courage to reach this decision. I no longer carry the burden of giving half my attention to something I love so much, but have given others the opportunity to make it better and contribute to this organisation in a way I never would be able to. That is the beauty of activating leadership and living diversity.

“You get a degree from University, but you get an Education from AIESEC”

I am still far from what I want to be, but I am determined to get there and with my education and degree, I know I will.

AIESECly Yours,

Amírah x530x320xLOGO_AIESEC.jpg.pagespeed.ic.KYwfC5ZD1D


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