Friday, 21st August 2015

“It’s so nice to sit here, in the park, by myself and relax in the fresh – slightly sticky – morning air. I must crave the feel of being ‘at one’ with nature because suddenly, all my anxieties have evaporated, the soft breeze carrying them to a place far, far away.

I have this odd sense of relief being here by myself, like I don’t need to be on guard, constantly tense and anxious waiting for something to go wrong, the way I usually feel.

It’s like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders being away from the house. I would call it ‘home’ but, honestly, I’m not quite sure what is any more – home, I mean.

I feel like I’m a whole world away from normal life – in my own little bubble. The pulse of the car alarm not so far away reminds me that this bubble has it’s limits. This bubble has it’s territory marked with trees and fences. This bubble isn’t juts mine. It belongs to those that bring their children here to play and there dogs to walk. It belongs to the joggers and the friends that meet up for their morning walk to catch up on the latest gossip. It belongs to the birds and the bees and the butterflies, the loud and obnoxious, the quiet and the restrained.

For now though, I feel free in my share of this bubble.

Anytime I come here, it feels like coming home, like I’ve let little pieces of myself everywhere to reconnect with. Memories are everywhere in this park, which is most definitely why a tranquil feeling overcomes me whenever I visit. It’s one of the few places I can be at peace and recognise myself – because a little part of me will always be here.”


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